Since the establishment of Goto in November 1963, we have been involved in the manufacture of audio-related parts.
Throughout our company's history, our challenge has been to develop and manufacture new innovative devices, which meet the stringent demands of audio manufacturers. One result of our efforts is the voice coil, which has become our main product.
Audio technology has advanced rapidly over time. Here at Goto, we are proud to have contributed to this process through our unfailing commitment to innovating and improving our products. In order to maintain our position as the cutting-edge leader in the voice coil industry, we are constantly striving to raise the current limits of technology and productivity.
As a result of this, we succeeded in manufacturing a new type of high quality voice coil, one which due to its superior cost efficiency is now used as an integral part of speaker units in many prestigious brands.
Now as we stand firmly in the 21st century, a new age of technology is dawning. As long as time continues its relentless flow, we here at Goto will continue to progress, developing new high quality products which meet the needs of the times.
※Company history as of: April 1, 2021 .
1963/11 Establishment of company ■Express train opening to traffic(’64)
■TOKYO Olympics holding
■Japanese international exposition holding(’70)
Kennedy assassination(’63)
1978/3 GOTO becomes a limited company by the capital 3million yen. ■TOKYO international air port opening a port (‘78)
■SHOWA to HEISEI (’89)
■Thatcher cabinet approval(’79)
■the 41st Bush president assumption(’89)
1990/7 GOTO Shanghai established by the capital $1.3million Start 3% tax German reunification(’90)
1991/11 The capital up to 30million yen   The Gulf War(’91)
1994/12 Shanghai GOTO Audio established ■Mr. Oe Nobel Prize in Literature(’94)
■Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake(’95)
■the 42nd Clinton president assumption(’93)
■WTO inauguration (’95)
1996/2 Establishment of GOTO trading co Shanghai    
1996/7 GOTO California, Inc. established

Up to 5% tax (’97)

Reversion of Hong Kong to China(’97)
1996/8 GOTO de Baja California (Tijuana Mexico) established
NAGANO Olympic(’98)  
2000/4 Establishment of GOTO Shanghai
(through merger of Shanghai GOTO and Shanghai GOTO Audio.)
Mr. Shirakawa Nobel Prize in Chemistry(’00)  
2001/4 Establishment of GOTO Hong Kong Mr. Nora Nobel Prize in Chemistry(’01) the 43rd Bush president assumption(’01)
2001/6 Dongguan GOTO ( South China ) established   9.11 Terror attacks
2002/7 Economic Tohoku industrial director of a bureau commendation winning
(Square wire development)
■Soccer World cup in Japan and Korea(’02)
■Mr. Koshiba Nobel Prize in Physics
Euro-currencies union(’02)
2003/2 Yamagata Prefecture innovation grand prize winning
(Square wire development)
Mr. Tanaka Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The U.S. military Iraq attack

2004/2 Yamagata newspaper 3P prize prosperity prize winning The Ground Self-Defense Force Iraq dispatch Chechen independent struggle
in Rosia
2004/10 GOTO Tendo factory established    
2005/10 2004 Acquisition  

an anti-Japan demonstration in Beijing.

2007/4 Starting sale chemical products Prime Minister Abe resignation President Nicolas Sarkozy assumption
in France
2007/5 Goto AnHuei factory established    
2008/5 Start manufacturing Tinsel wire Toya summit holding Beijing Olympic
2008/6 The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry letter of thanks acceptance Prime minister Fukuda  Resignation
Prime Minister Aso resignation
2008/10 2000 Acquisition    
2009/6 Ceremony for Opening of Goto Denshi Anhui Plant The DPJ party win the Japanese elections and Yukio Hatoyama is appointed prime minister Us car manufacturer GM goes bankrupt
2009/11 Goto Denshi is awarded the Yamagata Prefecture Prize for Industry  
2010/10 Goto Denshi wins the Noth Japan Incentiwe Award of the Minister of Education,Calture,Sports,Science & Technology Yukio Hatoyama resigns and is replaced as prime minister by Naoto Kan Warld Expo is held in Shanghai
2015/11 GOTO DENSHI MFG.PHILS., INC. established    
company history